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First up there’s Ash.

That article was a year ago and I missed it then!  I ran across the report when looking for a picture of a Tangia at a Hammam.  I don’t think I shall be adding ash – sounds too much like camping!




Photo by yipski (Creative Commons Share-alike licence)



Michael Ruhlman got a cheer from me

with a post titled ‘The Hidden Health Hazards of Lettuce’. No, not a sudden discovery that lettuce has some nasty toxins!  Just a sensible plea for a balanced diet.

“ I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Fat doesn’t make you fat, EATING TOO MUCH MAKES YOU FAT! Eating every morsel of your mile high Cheesecake Factory plate is what makes you fat.  Eating a whole bag of Doritos is what makes you fat.  Eating when you’re not hungry makes you fat!”   Hoorah for uncommon common-sense!



“I’m in the restaurant!”

The Los Angeles Times reports that restaurants are having to come to terms with customers texting at the table.

“Il Covo, in Mid-City L.A., . . .  has begun offering diners small plates to hold their phones in order to shield them from potential spills and dinner debris.”

I suppose the muted clicking of keys is an improvement on the loud voices people seem to find necessary when using mobile phones – that’s cell phones to you in the US.


If you fancy some food porn

get yourself along to TasteSpotting.  A site which calls itself “A Visual Potluck”.  With a feast of 154,337 tempting photos of food, you’ll forget to text and certainly not want to eat lettuce.

Oh, and there’s not a flake of ash in sight.


PS Iconic Yorkshire Fish and Chip Shop Saved


Photo in Public Domain

Harry Ramsden’s is now a national chain of fish and chip shops, even having a presence at some Motorway Service Stations.  It all started in Guisely, near Leeds in 1928 when Harry Ramsden stated selling Fish and Chips from a small shed. The Art Deco restaurant opened in 1931 and when the original branch closed there was weeping and wailing.

All is not lost and the restaurant has been bought by The Wetherby Whaler, a worthy Yorkshire successor – even if the founders have only been in the business 40 years or so.

A good news story in the end.

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