What’s Cooking on the Web this week?

There is something strange going on in the food blogging world.  I’ve had three occasions recently when I’ve cooked a dish, photographed it and, in one case, written up the recipe, only to see very similar dishes on other sites the same day.  Are we psychic?

This week it was Tartines.  There seems to be a version of this in most countries. The most famous are smørrebrød in Denmark and the American tongue toast, or perhaps Bruschette, though they crop up everywhere – except the UK, where we would say we have ‘xx on toast’.

The origin is probably the slabs of bread which were used in the Middle Ages as Tranches or Trenchers – the ultimate disposable tableware.

Anyway, we were out shopping earlier this week.  I’ll correct myself there.  We were searching the shops for things which we expected to be readily available, like an electrical extension lead with two sockets with switches.  Bin liners to fit a new waste bin in the kitchen. 

You know, little basics that you just ‘pop out’ to get.

After failing, getting wet, saying a few naughty words and generally getting a bit grumpy, we decided we deserved a treat.  Fish and Chips from our local chippy soon set us to rights and meant I wouldn’t be cooking the planned meal in the evening.  Which was just as well as DIY always takes at least three times as many hours as you estimate.  It is a Law of Nature.

Four slices of granary bread needed eating.  I had some of the delightful Yorkshire Blue Cheese from Shepherds Purse Cheeses.  I really can’t recommend this enough.  It isn’t dry and crumbly like some blue cheese and you can actually spread it on toast if you encourage it with a fork first.  Topped with very thinly sliced onion and tomato, I was quite proud of my creation.

Then I popped on to Tartelette to read the latest post and discovered that Helene Dujardin had posted Fig, Gorgonzola and Honey Tartines!  Now, I’m totally in awe of Helene and have her book ‘From Plate to Pixel’ so I thought that I would just send you over there to feast your eyes on her photographs and enjoy her writing.

So off you go, now!  Get yourselves over to Tartelette.


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