UK – US Translations

They say we are two nations divided by a single language.  In the interests of harmony, here are a few terms that sometimes confuse.

If you think of any more, please let me know.

Back Bacon – Canadian Bacon
bake blind – bake a pastry case empty, by covering with wax paper and weighing down with beans.
bicarbonate of soda – baking soda.
biscuit – cookie
boiled sweet – hard candy

cafétiere – French Press
castor sugar (sometimes spelt caster) – fine grained sugar.
cake tin – cake pan
chocolate strands or vermicelli – chocolate sprinkles
clingfilm  – Saran wrap
cornflour – cornstarch
Courgette – Zucchini

demerara sugar – light brown cane sugar
digestive biscuits – similar to Graham crackers
double cream – heavy cream

fairy cake – cupcake

garden or mustard cress – pepper-grass
ginger nut – ginger snap
golden syrup – similar to corn syrup
greaseproof paper – wax paper

icing – frosting
icing sugar – confectioner’s powdered sugar

Jam – Jelly
Jam with fruit in – Preserves
Jelly – Jello

minced meat – ground meat
mixed spice – a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves

pastry – pie crust
plain chocolate – semi-sweet chocolate
plain flour – all purpose flour

Scones – Biscuits
single cream – light cream
sponge finger – ladyfinger
spring onions – scallions
strainer – sieve
sultana -white raisin

tart – pie
toffee – taffy
treacle – similar to molasses
whipping cream – between light and heavy cream

2 thoughts on “UK – US Translations

  1. jelly – jello
    jam – jelly
    jam with fruit in – preserves
    back bacon – Canadian bacon
    scones – biscuits

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