Saturday Digest 02/11/13

Autumn is finally here.  I’ve been fooling myself that we could have just a little extension on the summer but it was not to be.  So off we went and bedded down the caravan for the winter.  I haven’t quite given up all hope that the weather will give us another window for a little trip but all the signs are otherwise.

adria front facing

So we are into some serious comfort food to stave off the doom and gloom of grey and short days.  Things like Caramelised Onions and Pork and Apple Casserole.


We’ve had family visiting the area ~ 15 of them!  There were descendents and inlaws and the occasional outlaw, having a half term break in Yorkshire for a weekend.

We all went out for a meal and had a great time.  With a final total of 17 of us and various dietary restrictions, we booked at a local branch of Beefeater Grill chain which they have used before with good success.

DSCF3088 - sm

They did us proud with all the well cooked meals arriving within minutes of one another and ALL CORRECT!  That’s rare with a party this size.  A big plus is that all the cooking is done in an open kitchen in the centre of the restaurant so we knew it was fresh cooked.


As you can see from my platter, the portions were more than generous but a hollow legged grandson finished off what I couldn’t eat.

Talking of grandchildren, it was Halloween this week and we have our own ‘in house’ zombies.  The strain runs true!


Another grandson is turning into a good photographer and we now have one of his prints framed in our sitting room.  It fits in so well with all our other sea themed pictures.

Dan - fishing boat photo 2

There’s been a fair bit of browsing on the web on these rainy and miserable days.

Another blogger linked to some interviews with Paula Wolfert.  She has written some lovely and really helpful books on Mediterranean Cooking and I’ve cooked from the couple I own.

She has been diagnosed with either Alzheimer’s or some other form of Cognitive Impairment and is determined to fight every inch of the way.

Much respect  and best wishes to her.

In La Tartine Gourmande, Bea Peltre has been cooking pasta like a risotto since 2007.  Now why didn’t I think of that before?  This is a must read blog for me because her recipes work ~ and that gives her a big thumbs up ~ and her writing is very readable.  Add to that that she publishes each recipe in English and French so I think she covers all the bases.

David Lebovitz published a recipe for Moules Frites.  We had them for Sunday supper last week and my recipe is pretty much the same.  He credits Todd Porter and Diane Cu for the recipe from one of their books.

Since  David moved from San Francisco to Paris many years ago, Diane was born in Vietnam, Todd in Oregon and they now live in the US, and this Yorkshire Cook is ~ well, in Yorkshire, of course ~ it seems amazing that we all use the same methods. I guess it just shows how universal cooking is.

Whatever your season, I hope you are having a good weekend.


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Digest 02/11/13

  1. Hi Pat,  Sorry your summer is all gone, ours is just about to start but we don’t look forward to it as much as you do.  Ours are too hot and too long.  

    • Sometimes I think I would like to live somewhere where it is ‘just right’ all year ~ but I think I would get bored!

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