In My Kitchen ~ November 2013

November looks like a thin month In My Kitchen.  Other things have taken up my time and we’ve had a lot of repeat meals this month!

In My Kitchen

WB sausages

Are wild boar sausages, bought from Mackenzie’s Smokehouse when we were on the way back from Ripon.  I bought 18 sausages, a little over 1.5 kg.   6 were cooked to provide 2 meals and the other 12 were split into 2 packs and frozen for later.  Everything from Mackenzies is suitable for freezing and we had a cool bag with icepacks in the car!

Wild boar were ‘accidentally’ re-introduced to England in 1990 by escaping from specialist farms which had imported them.  There are two locations where they are thriving and now they are being culled to reduce their numbers.

Good news for us!

The piglets look cute but I wouldn’t argue with their mama!  See a video, here.


In My Kitchen


is a new bottle of sauce.  Henderson’s Relish.  It is very similar to Worcestershire Sauce but is approved by the Vegetarian Society.  More importantly it is made in Sheffield.  A good Yorkshire Sauce!

For the first hundred years of it’s life, it was only available in Sheffield but is now sold throughout Yorkshire and beyond.  Every now and then a rumour goes round that the company is going out of business and it is claimed that Sean Bean (Boromir in the Lord of the Rings and he also played Richard Sharpe in Bernard Conwell’s novels, dramatised for TV) once bought 2 gallons to ensure his supply!

I use it in Welsh Rabbit and omelettes and casseroles and sandwiches,  . . . . well anything savoury, really.


In My Kitchen



is a new batch of Pimenton ~ sweet, smoked paprika.

I love to use it in cooking because it has a subtle flavour which seems to go with anything.

And I do love anything smoked.

In My Kitchen

Hutts Mill Flour

Is a bag of a speciality flour from The Hutts Mill  near Harrogate.  The owners bought the mill and moved it to their farm to diversify.  Farmers are being forced to develop sidelines to survive in the economic climate.

This flour is very tasty but I mix it with strong white flour for everyday breads.  Any bread I bake has to be multipurpose and cope with toasting for breakfast as well as being used for sandwiches.

This is another product you can only buy in Yorkshire or the North East.  Sorry, everyone else!

This post is part of Celia’s ‘In My Kitchen’ monthly sharing.  Pop over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for a crafty peep into kitchens from 4 continents.

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22 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ November 2013

  1. G’day and YUM Pat, I’ll be right over, true!
    Love wild boar sausages and never saw that combination of flour and look forward to what with it you continue to do!
    Thank you for this month’s kitchen view!
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of Celia’s IMK

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Joanne and Glenda.  Good to *see* you!

    It’s the food that matters, isn’t it?

  3. I, too, love your local flavors. 
    I haven’t made Welsh Rabbit is a while- think I’ll add it to my Autumn menu.
    Thanks for sharing- and inspiring!


      Hi, Heidiannie.  Rediscovering old favourites is one thing I like about reading other peoples blogs.  Alan would not let me forget Welsh rabbit for long!

  4. I’ve never heard of Hendersons Relish before – how good to be able to buy something like that locally produced. I like the look of your smoked paprika – I used to buy similar but it seems to have disappeared from the shelves around here. I’ll have to find another source.

    • I got my paprika up at Mackenzies Smokehouse at Blubberhouses ~ a bit far for you. 🙂

      Hendersons Relish comes from our Farm Shop.

      I think every region has it’s specialities and we all think everyone elses are better. Human nature, I guess.

  5. Pat. wild boar sausages! Do they taste very gamey? It’s so wonderful to be able to see local produce from Yorkshire that we’d never come across otherwise, like the sauce and the (really interesting!) flour – thank you for sharing it with us! 🙂


    The boar is stronger than ordinary pork but not gamey like well hung pheasants or partridges.


    We like them (post coming up later) and would certainly buy them again.  We get venison sausages here as well.  There are a lot (some say too many) deer in England now.  We even get the odd one strolling through town causing chaos with the traffic!

  7. Pat, the video you included was a marvel — those lil’ piglets looked like watermelons on legs! (Loved the birdsong in the background, too.)  We have a lot of wild boars here, too — haven’t tried them in “sausage form” yet, but I bet they’d be great on the smoker.  (I love smoked things, too, including paprika!) I don’t mind that some of the ingredients can only be purchased locally — that’s half the fun of IMK posts, seeing ‘what’s up’ around the world! 

  8. Hi, Kim.  I never thought to liken them to water melons!  It’s nice to meet another *smokeaholic*.  I’ve been known to take the lid off the smoked salt and sniff just for the enjoyment of the smell. 🙂

  9. GREAT POST:)  I like your blog and Im now following.
    Check out my blog….Swedish decor and yummy recipies:)
    Have a wonderful week dear
    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – The <a href=””>Swedish home decor blog</a>

  10. Thanks for following, Maria.  I’ve just popped over to Gothenburg and looked at your blog and added it to my Feedly list so I get updates.  How clever of you to have it in 2 languages.

    Thanks also to Emma and Matthew at Gustoso for your visit.  I’ve just added you to Feedly as well!

    • I do try to eat as locally as possible but can’t go for the idea of no coffee, few spices, no bananas. The sausages were delicious!

  11. Everything in your kitchen looks so delicious…I’d be all over that boar sausage and would love to get a hold of some of that relish. I have a friend who lives in Yorkshire…I wonder if a bottle would make it all the way to Canada?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Bernice. I think it would have to be very well packed ~ can you imagine the aroma in the hold if it leaked!

      Seriously, I don’t know what your import regulations are. We’ve been stopped taking some quite surprising foods to the US and then other items have gone through with no problem.

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