In My Kitchen ~ December 2013


They do say that time flies when you are having fun.  If that is true, I am having a whale of a time because I’m sure it was only a couple of days ago when I wrote my November contribution to this international get together.

Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial hosts nearly 50 bloggers who share a peep into their kitchen each month.  It’s interesting, it’s fun and, by golly, it comes round so quickly!  Go and have a look, you’ll love it.

In My Kitchen is :


A lovely piece of Hafod Welsh Organic Cheddar Cheese.  It is made by Sam and Rachel Holden using raw (unpasteurised) milk from their own organic herd of 65 Ayrshire cows.  That little line of blue?  It has appeared spontaneously and has, in my opinion, made the cheese taste even better.

We get it from Andy at The Courtyard Dairy at Settle.

In My Kitchen is:

waxed paper

A dilemma!   I couldn’t find any waxed paper when I went shopping so I ordered from Amazon.  I wanted unbleached paper.  It’s a bit late to worry about what chlorine bleach will do to me now but I have grandchildren so I do try to do my best to encourage unbleached products.


When it arrived, it had been made in the USA, so it had a large carbon footprint!  Sometimes, you can’t win, can you!

In My Kitchen is :

pnut butter

A whole load of peanut butter ~ 6 lovely jars ~ which have arrived as part of my Christmas present from the California branch of the family.  The first time I had peanut butter in America, I got very excited because it was so much better than the British brands.  Sometimes it’s difficult to work out which are the children and which the parents!

The air miles don’t count because they were a gift.  Just like all gifted cakes are calorie free.  It’s true, you know.

In My Kitchen is was :

cheese and onion pie

The last pieces of a cheese and onion pie ~ breakfast a few days ago.  It was really good!

In My Kitchen are :

beans soaked 2

Loads of beans!  On the left, before soaking.  On the right after soaking.  I often soak and cook them in large quantities and freeze in portions.  That makes them as simple to use as canned ones ~ and much cheaper and better tasting!

Well, that was a very down to earth peep in my kitchen but satisfying for all that.

Now, how wicked would it be to open just one jar of that peanut butter before Christmas?


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12 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ December 2013

  1. Hi Pat,  It would be very wicked to open the peanut paste.  It is a Christmas present 🙂 
    I love the look of that cheese.  You are so lucky to be able to get such a wonderful product.  I freeze bean too.  They freeze so well, don’t they?

  2. Pat, don’t mind Glenda, go on, open a jar! 🙂 Your cheese looks scrumptious – we have only in the past few months discovered English cheeses – specifically West Dorset cheddar that we can now get at Costco – and are very taken with it. I can only imagine the boutique stuff must be massively better! I haven’t seen waxed paper in ages – I think parchment paper has stolen its thunder, but wax paper definitely has its uses. A friend of mine used to make gorgeous drawer liners by ironing herbs and flowers in between two sheets of wax paper (wax sides together) – they would stick and form a bonded sheet with the flowers in between them like stained glass. Hmm. Maybe I should give that a go again – would be a good idea for a blog post! 🙂

  3. I wrap cheese in waxed paper to store it.  It’s what Andy, our cheesemonger, recommends. I’d certainly rather spend my money on smaller amounts of really good cheese than have larger amounts of the mass produced stuff!

    I like the idea of using the wax paper for drawer liners.  I’ve always used wallpaper ~ usually end of line reduced or left over from decorating.

  4. Pat, my uncle used to raise Ayrshire and they were the most beautiful cows. He once had a car-full of lil’ old ladies pull into his driveway to admire them and they inquired if they were “dotted Swiss?” 🙂 Can’t imagine how wonderful that cheese must taste, blue vein and all. (I love Bleu cheese, Roquefort, et al — Manchego, too.) Hooray for Jif, waxed paper, and beans — all staples “in my kitchen.” I’m with Celia — go ahead and open a jar. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks for your support, Kim!  I giggled a bit at the ‘dotted Swiss’ cattle.


      Heidiannie, I’m with you on the subject of peanut butter by the spoonful!

  5. well- I would open a jar and spoon it out right into my mouth! One if nt favorite scenes from “Meet Joe Black” is of Brad Pitt eating peanut butter by the spoonful!
    Your cheese is lovely- that blue stripe makes it all the more lovely!
    I love wax paper- as a child we always ironed Autumn leaves in between the papers to preserve them.  And it has uses that parchment paper just can’t meet.
    Thanks for sharing-

  6. We used to have dairy cows and amongst them were two Ayrshires, one of which I was allowed to ride down the cowshed and help milk when I was about five. So, if I see that cheese anywhere I shall have to buy some. It certainly looks good. I imagine that gifted peanut butter has the same calorific value as gifted cakes.

  7. I’m so relieved to have confirmation of the (non) calorific value of gifted peanut butter!  Thanks, Anne.

  8. G’day Pat and Merry Christmas to you and your family, true!
    Love the cheddar cheese and your wax paper…thank you for welcoming me into your Kitchen this month for a view!
    Cheers Joanne
    Viewed as part of Celia’s In My Kitchen

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