In My Kitchen ~ April 2014


Every month Celia (in Sydney, Australia) hosts a fun sharing of posts from all over the world showing kitchens.  Big ones, small ones, quirky ones, and all are beautiful and interesting.

It is reassuring to peek into kitchens where it is spring when we are sliding down into winter and I hope the reverse is true as we get out first taste of spring.

In My Kitchen

baby carrots

Are the first baby carrots of this year.  We got the the point that all the carrots were, as my father would have said, big enough to go to work. When they are that big they lose their sweetness and fresh taste and I think everyone is a bit fed up with them.

Our farm shop had this lovely mix of orange and white carrots about as long as my little finger on average.

Just steamed and a little butter added was all they needed.


In My Kitchenrosemary oil

Is a tiny bottle of Rosemary infused oil.  I showed this 70 ml Kilner Bottle in February and it is just the right size for this job.  With only two of to feed, I really don’t need enormous quantities of this type of ingredient and the shop prices are hugely inflated for what they are.

In My Kitchen


Is this lovely built in cupboard.  It goes all the way up to the ceiling ~ which means only items in long term storage go at the top.  But it acts as my pantry and holds all my tins and jars.

I think it looks good, too.  In fact, posting on this series has reminded me just how much I like this cupboard after Celia commented on my cellar head door last month!  After 23 years, I take too much of this room for granted.


In My Kitchen

Alan chair

Is this chair which was made to order by a local craftsman for Alan over 30 years ago. It is a Windsor chair, a style originating in the 16c in Buckinghamshire. Production nearly died out but with the revival of the value of craftsmanship, has made a very welcome comeback.

In My Kitchen

my chair

On the other side of the table is my Windsor chair, known to me as a Grandad chair because my Grandfather had one.  It is where I am sitting, typing this very moment!  Behind it, is the fireplace which had been boarded up at some time and I opened it up and tiled it.

What do you have in your kitchen this month?

If you’d like to do an In My Kitchen post on your own blog, please feel free  to do so. We’d love to see what’s happening in your kitchen this month!  Please link back to Celia and let her know when your post is up, and she’ll add it to our monthly listing.She asks that all posts are uploaded by the 10th of each month, please.

To see all the other kitchens, go to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and look on the right column for a list of kitchens from all over the world.

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